We all hope that our credit card applications will be instantly approved. But sometimes we press the submit button on our online application and instead of seeing “Your Approved!” we are told that the bank will need more time or more information.

If you apply for enough credit cards you will eventually find yourself in this situation. There are a few options when this happens. You can sit back and let the application work through the system or you can call in to talk to an agent.

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Personally I always try to call in. Usually the agent just needs to verify a few points of information and the application is approved. Depending on the bank they may ask you to move your credit around so that you are not over extended.

If it is a business application then expect to answer questions about the line of business you are in and the total revenue from previous years. Estimates seems to be acceptable. They also like to ask what type of business expenses you plan to use the card for.

What To Say

I always follow the same simple script. I let the agent know which card I applied for. I let them know that it went into pending status and that I am calling to see what other information they might need from me. Then I stop talking and answer their questions.

I’m always honest with my answers. If they ask why I’m applying for the card when I have so many other cards I tell them the truth – I want the sign up bonus and I want to earn points from putting spend on the card.

Usually if the agent tells you that you will not be approved then there isn’t anything you can do. Some try to reduce credit limits or argue against the bank’s decision. You should get an explanation as to why you will be declined before you hang up.

Above all make sure to be kind and polite. The agents are not trying to make it personal even though it can feel that way.

Reconsideration lines

Its usually best to call during normal business hours to increase the odds that you will be dealing with agents that can make approval decisions.

Its also a good idea to call in the same day that you apply to help push the decision along quickly.

American Express

I’ve never had to call in to Amex for an application pending so I can’t tell you what to expect.

Use any of these numbers:

Bank of America

I have recent experience with a BoA app going pending. There is no longer a reconsideration line you can call. I called every number I could find and spoke to three different application agents. I asked each agent to transfer me to a credit analyst but they all said the same thing. There are no credit analyst that they could transfer me to.

There is a status page you can use to check the status. I went there multiple times on the day I applied. On day two the status page said I was approved.


The Barclays algorithm could accidentally deny you so it is always a good idea to call in. This happened to me when applying for JetBlue business card. The agent quickly overturned it and approved my application.


Capitol One

I don’t know why you’d ever want to apply for a Capitol One card.


Comenity bank



I’ve been asked to reduce my credit limit on existing Chase cards to make room for whatever card I’m applying for. Be ready to give them the last 4 digits of your other Chase cards and their credit limits for verification purposes. You can see all of that information in one place by logging into your Chase account.

888-245-0625 – Personal
800-453-9719 – Business


800-645-7240 – Business
800-288-4653 – Business



US Bank


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