Excuse me, new travel blog coming through.

There are countless travel blogs.  There are even blogs about travel blogs.  We have travel blog networks, conferences and products.  This is a crowded niche.

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I read 10-20 different travel blogs a day just for fun.  When thinking about starting my own blog I wondered what value I could bring.  Could there be room for one more?

The primary motivation for starting this blog is to have fun and share our unique experiences.  Long term success measured by page views and profits is not what drove us to start this blog.

Those things would be nice, but not necessary.

When I realized that long term success and profits didn’t matter I knew it was time to start.

The best blogs I read are written by people who are passionate about their topic.  The people who live what they write.   That is us. <LINK ABOUT>

If travel continues to be a major part of our lives then writing for this blog will be fun and easy to do.

The Content

We don’t travel for work.  All of the points we earn come from credit card sign up bonuses and credit card spend.

We have been able to earn over 5 million miles and points from credit cards.  We just crossed 3 million in point redemptions.

That’s not meant to be boastful.  Most bloggers and frequent travelers have earned and redeemed much more than us.

Earning points at this rate gives us a lot to talk about.  Building up points is fun but redeeming them is the goal.  There is nothing sweeter than getting to update the cash value column for points redeemed on my travel spreadsheet.

As we take advantage of these great opportunities, we’ll share them with you, so you can do the same.

Goals and Dreams

One of my long term point goals is to reach $100,000 in redeemed value from our miles and points.  Currently we are just over $40,000 so we have a long way to go.

A different but similar goal is to reach 10 million points earned.   It will be fun to keep track of our progress here and share it with our readers.

The hope is that others learn from our experiences and get their own start.  Travel is a great memory making and family bonding experience.  Miles and points are making those experiences possible for us and many others.

A close friend recently became a point millionaire.  It took him one year to go from zero to a million.    Could there be other newbies out there that we could help become point millionaires?  A free consulting practice could be born to build up bunches of Breezy Mile point millionaires!

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