Most of the 300,000 travel blogs focus on sharing travel experiences. My favorite blogs share information about how they earn and redeem points for great experiences.

This is a special niche in the travel blogosphere.

This illustration depicts a man sitting in a pile of papers and holding one up.

On any given day I’ll check in on 10-20 blogs. I learn something new everyday.

Here is my list of point bloggers to follow. Read them every day and you’ll soon consider yourself and expert in the miles and points game.

One Mile At A Time – This is the first blog I discovered as I entered into miles and points. Lucky’s main focus is premium travel but he and his contributors cover a wide range of topics. I read this blog daily.

Frequent Miler – Greg is the master of building points without traveling. During the glory days of easy MS he taught us all to earn more points from home. MS is tougher now but his blog is still my #1 resource.

Dr Of Credit – Will and Charles post multiple times a day. Many of their posts cover deals and discounts. They have built out a very useful list of bank bonuses and banks that accept credit cards to fund new accounts. You’ll find lots of inside bank info here as well.

Mommy Points – When we started traveling with our first daughter she was only 6 months old. Mommy Points was a great resource that helped us have a plan for travel with our little ones. This is a very candid blog with tons of helpful posts on earning and redeeming miles and points for family travel.

Point Chaser – I’m relatively new to reading Ariana’s blog but I’ve already learned a lot. She shares her MS experiences which I find informative and inspiring. This is a great all around point blog that everyone should follow.

Travel Codex – This is a great source for travel hacking. I got the idea of generating MS through fantasy sports sites from Travel Codex. Some of my favorite posts are from Tahsir.

View From The Wing – Gary is the master. He is a leading expert and thought leader in the travel field. AFter reading this blog I’ve become much more willing to fly economy to the Caribbean and short domestic flights. This change in thinking has saved our family a lot of miles.

Miles For Family – I just discovered this blog in the last week but I have to include it on my list. The writing style and content are very appealing. Lots of in depth content and the reader interviews are fun.

Million Mile Secrets – I end up visiting this blog more from clicking through Google searches than direct visits. That’s because Darius has written the answer to so many of my questions!

Reddit /Churning – The Reddit churning thread is becoming the #1 source for credit card churners and point builders. News travels fast here and many bloggers use this as a source of information for blog posts. Also check out the award redemption section.

Travelsort I don’t read this blog as often as I should. It is updated daily with a lot of personal experience posts that I find very helpful.

PointsMD – Joe and Kevin have unlocked the power of miles and points. They share their experiences with credit cards, points and travel.

Mile Value – Scott has earned and redeemed tens of millions of miles. If that is not enough, from time to time this blog offers free credit card consultations.

Points Centric – Ralph does not post every day so I only check in on this blog once a week. He shares his personal experiences with each post which I find very valuable.

Miles To Memories – Shawn provides lots of good tips and tricks for travel hacking. Stay on top of all the latest deals include this blog in your daily routine.

There you have it, my list of the top miles and point bloggers to follow. There are A LOT more blogs out there that focus on miles and points but I find that most of them get repetitive after a while. Choosing a few to focus on helps cut down on a lot of the noise.

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